Frequently Asked Questions...

Setting up an account is easy - select a plan, press join and just follow the screen instructions. Once you have joined you can start using the service immediately.
No, Membership to the British DryClean Club is FREE and you are not tied in to any subscription.
Simply click on the Book a Pickup button and follow the instruction on the screen. You can also email us at before midnight the day before pickup is required.

Depending on your zipcode our 'Garment Chauffers' (professional and friendly drivers) will pick up your order Mondays/Thursdays or Tuesdays/Fridays.

Please have your bag in the designated area pickup area between 7.30AM and 7.30PM. Our drivers work through the area during theses times.

There is no need for you to be at home. We will pickup up your British DryClean Club order bag from the designated pick up area - that's all part of the service and FREE!.
We are currently in the Service Areas shown on our website. However, we are expanding rapidly and may be in your area but not advertised.
We can service the whole of Orange Country so we should be able to service you. Please call the Customer Care Team on 1-844-DRYCLUB (379-2582) to join.
Service days are Mondays/Thursdays and Tuesdays/Fridays. You will be assigned one of the group depending on your zipcode. You will recieve and email with your service days soon after joining. If we picked up your garment on Monday they will be returned Thursday. If we picked up your garment on Tuesday they will be returned Friday.
We will also pickup up on your delivery days if you have left anything out to return garments back to you on your next service day rotation.
No. Delivery is FREE! - that why we a different and cost effective for our customers!
For quality assurace and care of garment purposes. We will only deliver if there is a dry place to leave. If there is nowhere to leave them our Garment Chauffers will bring them back to our holding department and redelivery them on your next delivery day. You can also send us special instruction for 'rain' days.
We accept most major credit cards. We charge your card with the account balance on the 15th and end of each month to make it easy for you. There is $3.99 fee for each late or declined payment. You can also make online payments with you account at anytime on, 24 hours a day at your convenience. We securely store your credit card when you join and NEVER share any information with anyone outside our corporation -ever. We do not accept cash or checks from Home Plan users.
Yes. Simply email us on or login to your account online at
To keep our drivers as Eco-friendly as possible we would pefer if you could let us know the night before the pickup.
Yes. we will provide you with 2 FREE British DryClean Club garment bags after joining.
Yes! Unlike other cleaners we do 100% of our our cleaning. We manage your garment from pick up to drop off so that we can maintain and delivery excellent quality and service - that's the difference with our service. We do not oursource you cleaning to 3rd parties.
We have invested in the latest European technology to provide SoCal first 100% Green clean process. We process each and every garment 100% PERC free - So no 'dryclean' odours, no harse chemicals - Super Green.
We have a unique 3-point quality control process in our production plants on each and every garment.
Every item is inspected by our highly experianced Quality & Garment Specialists to insure 100% satisfaction. With over 40+ years of experience in our teams we strive to delivery great quality.Exceptional Cleaning, Every Time.
We have heavily invested into the latest barcode tracking technology systems. Each of your garments is assigned a barcode and tracked through the whole cleaning process until delivered back you. We even track the delivery. This ensures your garments are accounted for at all times. We aim to deliver items to you 100% accurate each time.
The quickest and easiest way to contact us is email, we aim to answer all your emails within 24 hours. Please email our Customer Care Team at You can also call us at 1-844-DRYCLUB (379-2582). Our Call Centre is open Mon-Fri. 8am-4pm.

You can manage all your details and changes with your online account at Simply logon and go the relevant page anytime.

The quickest and easiest way to contact us is email, we aim to answer all your emails within 24 hours. Please email our Customer Care Team at You can also call us at 1-844-DRYCLUB (379-2582). Our Call Centre is open Mon-Fri. 8am-4pm.