About Us

Our story starts in London, England.

A set of London City Executives came to California to live the American Dream. (And enjoy the sunshine).
After trying to get their suits cleaned in the O.C, they got their knickers in a twist about dry cleaning.
They found they simply could not get a Jolly Good Clean with a level of quality and at a honest price.

Why should you guess the price of your cleaning and compromise on quality? – “Bang out of order!”, they said.

British Dry Clean Club was born with the ethos of Exceptional Green Cleaning at Online Prices and then they thought,
"Why not get it delivered back and cut out the pickup hassle?" - So they added this too as part of the price.

Our company philosophy is simple - Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivered to you. Online & On demand.

Hurrah for them and hurrah for you!